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Videos for Business change stories into moving pictures.

For the last two decades our family business FHP Audio Visual has produced "Videos for Business"  in the corporate, local enterprise and charity sectors on a variety of subjects developing concepts, needs  and stories with compelling video.  From our small business background we understand "affordability" and are dedicated to producing professional video content for organisations without breaking the bank.                              

Under our "Ticket to Ride" special interest European rail travel and transport brand (www.tickettoride.co.uk) we have published circa 250 titles which are sold online and through distributors around the world.


Tim Martin was born in Dublin, educated in Ireland, New Zealand and England. During his early career he worked for ICI and Northwest Water where he learned the artisan skills of theprofessional video maker - although his NWW film portfolio was never going to make it to Netflix-   The  “PressMaster solution to sewerage sludge dewatering"  and other catchy titles! This was the era of pre-digital  A-B roll editing using two synced video recorders  - mistakes were costly! 

Come the digital revolution-  Tim and his wife Suzi made the decision to ‘go it alone’   Almost inevitably the first project was for a charity and this still plays an important part in our business.   An exciting early project was with Premier Training who pioneered a portfolio of distance learning qualification courses in the health and fitness industry. Coincidentally,  another health related video series was produced with Professor John Harrison for multi national drug  development companies wishing to employ cognition testing for early Alzheimer’s disease.  These films were a bench mark in the industry and were translated into a raft of languages for doctors in many parts of the world.

In 2014 the use of UAVs (drones) to collect still and moving images became feasible; adding another dimension and new markets  to traditional terrestrial film work. Under the mentorship of the GASCO  (the light aircraft equivalent of the CAA) chair and helicopter flight trainer and examiner Mike O’Donoghue Tim undertook accredited training to BNUC-S level to gain the "permission to undertake commercial work" by the CAA.   This qualification is accepted in many other European countries including Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands, adding new perspectives to our European railway documentaries.

Suzi is a creative with her background in presentation for the Jaeger Company,  and many years running her own catering company.   Her strings include web management and operations, and a flexible and well regarded voice over artist.  Tim is the main camera man and editor and writes numerous scripts every year.    Tim and Jon Harding (our latest recruit) form the UAV operations team,  and daughter Sam -TV producer/writer acts as presenter when needed.


                                      We are indeed proud to be a family business.


                                      Based in Warminster on the edge of Salisbury Plain we are well placed to serve the local business community in Wiltshire, Somerset & Dorset.




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