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April 2nd 2017

It came yesterday! The new DJI Mavic Pro UAV (or drone). It’s so small! Set it to work immediately after doing the software updates and going through the tutorial. Keeping to the same manufacturer at least makes the learning curve less steep! After a flight or two in our training field (something we are very lucky to have) we took it to the Kennet and Avon canal – the excuse being to grab some footage for a film we are doing in Bath and surroundings – but in reality an excuse to get used to it in a ‘real life’ environment! It’s so stable, so controllable – ideal for reaching those ‘difficult to get at” places we come up against doing property surveys and photographing smaller properties. I’m in love!

There’s loads of new technology buried in the cast magnesium body -such as automatic battery condition and use monitoring- which may sound dull but it will give more time to be creative and spend a little less time filling in forms! More bang for the clients’ bucks!

The Mavic will work in conjunction with our larger UAV that we call Hector, adding flexibility to the vfb aerial filming offering. 



new website for videos for business

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Welcome to the new videos for business website- hosted by Bluepark Solutions and designed and maintained by ourselves so that we can keep it up to date.  We have also made it more ‘mobile friendly’ as an increasing number of customers like and need to browse on the move. If you find any glitches that we’ve missed be sure to drop us a mail.

The video production world is fast moving – some technology improves the end result – 4K video (that’s four times the pixel definition of HD) is a good example, especially useful for exhibition presentations using large screens – while 3D videography leaves us cold, and seems, in retrospect, to be rather faddish!  Our way of working has always been ‘keep it simple’ - clients don’t want to pay for us to win an obscure art-house award !– clients want value for money productive assets that benefit them. Technology can be important but it needs to work for them!

Talking of technology, we do have something  new in our pipeline which will give extra texture and gravitas to projects without ‘blowing the budget” We’ll tell you more in our next blog.

Enquiries and feedback on the site very welcome


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