Price guides......


                                                Every video project is different, making it impossible to create a "one size fits all" package.The basic cost of video production is determined by the complexity of the project,

                                                which in turn  affects the  total filming and editing time.


                                                 Quotes are based on your specification and how long we anticipate the project will take to complete.

                                                 Setup/preparation and filming rates on location are £65 per hour,  and studio time editing rates are £55 per hour.

                                                 Mileage to/from  shoot locations is charged at 0.45p per mile from Warminster


                                                 Sample video based on:

                                                 5 hours set up & filming time at location @£65 per hour,  plus 5 hours studio time- editing raw footage, adding logos, graphics, sound  @ £55 per hour would cost £600 for a deliverable video.


                                                 Aerial videography/photography

                                                 Aerial footage requirements are often simpler so we offer the following standard packages for aerial (drone) filming/photography:   


                                                  Package 1 Still images or raw video-  £150

                                                  up to 2 hours on site,  2 x15 minute flights - maximum 20 ungraded images or maximum 20 minutes raw video 


                                                  Package 2 Still images + raw video - £250

                                                  up to 3 hours on site, up to 4 x15 minute flights-  up to 20 ungraded images and up to 20 minutes raw video


                                                   Photo + video editing - £55 per hour

                                                   Typically 2 to 3 hours for a 3 minute polished video to include logos, other material, soundtrack, voiceover (if required)


                                                    Mileage to/from  shoot locations is charged at 0.45p per mile from Warminster



                                                  do contact us to discuss your project for a no obligation quote            01985 212863



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